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Chic Sac®

Chic Sac

Chic Sacs are baaaack! We are pleased to offer all 6 of the original designs with improved quality materials and execution.


  • We ship orders within 2-4 business days of receipt. If your order needs expedited shipping please submit order by 9:00am PST and call our office at 800-620-7295.
  • Minimum opening orders must be $150.00. Re-orders are a minimum of $75.00 (any combination of product).
  • Online orders are payable by credit card only.


  • Orchid Chic Sac
    $2.50 Orchid Chic Sac
    1 piece
  • Kiwi Chic Sac
    $2.50 Kiwi Chic Sac
    1 piece 
  • Midnight Chic Sac
    $2.50 Midnight Chic Sac
    1 piece
  • Tuxedo Chic Sac
    $2.50 Tuxedo Chic Sac
    1 piece
  • Safari Chic Sac
    $2.50 Safari Chic Sac
    1 piece
  • Groovy Chic Sac
    $2.50 Groovy Chic Sac
    1 piece