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 Introducing Our FFOFF* Program

We’re known to do things differently…so in order to help defray constantly rising shipping costs we are implementing our FFOFF* program (Free Finders Keepers Offset For Freight).

For every $6 of shipping costs, we will include 1 FREE Finders Key Purse®. No code is necessary. For example, if your freight cost is $8.95 you will receive 1 FREE Finders Key Purse® and if your freight cost is $12.95 you will receive 2 FREE Finders Key Purse®.

Each month we will select a Finders Key Purse® from our top 20 list and will post it here. This is the FFOFF that you will receive for every order placed this month (so make sure to adjust your orders accordingly).


The September FFOFF* is Vintage Black (01C-197 or 01A-197). This is the FREE FINDERS KEY PURSE design that you will receive to OFFSET FREIGHT costs.  (The FFOFF* backer card will match that of items on your order.)

 *Restrictions Apply



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