Ten Clever Fashion Hacks to Try Now

10 Clever Fashion Hacks to Try Now

You're a woman on a mission, and you don't have time to be slowed down! You may not be able to control what mishaps come up during your day; however, you can have a few tricks up our sleeve to quickly fix any problem that may come your way. 

We've compiled a list of our favorite 10 Clever Fashion Hacks to save you time and help you look good no matter what. 

#1 - Use a Key Finder to Keep Track of Your Keys 

Our first hack uses a Finders Key Purse® key finder. It’s designed to save you the frustration of digging through your purse to find your keys. This helpful hook easily attaches your keys to the edge of your purse, so you always have them handy, in an easy grab-and-go spot. If you like our key finder, you'll love our Phone Key' Purse Diary. Never lose your phone or wallet in your purse again!

#2 - Iron Your Shirt Inside Out 

It's a hassle to iron, especially around the buttons. To make it easy, simply turn the shirt inside out, and the wrinkles will quickly disappear in half the time.

#3 - Use Lemon Juice to Remove Sweat Stains

It's natural to sweat when you exercise, and it's a sure sign that you've just finished a killer workout! However, the big yellow sweat stains that come along with it aren't so great. Spray lemon juice directly on the stain before you wash your shirt, and it'll come out looking like new. 

#4 - Use Hair Spray To Prevent a Run In Your Tights 

It's the worst feeling when you're walking into an appointment and look down to discover a run in your hose going from your knee down to your ankle. To prevent future mishaps, spray a light layer of hairspray over your tights before wearing them.

#5 - Use Packing Tape as a Substitute For Your Lint Roller

Rip off a long piece and roll it inside out. Use your fingers as a makeshift roller to remove the lint and hair from your clothes. When you don't have a lint roller readily accessible, packing tape is just as effective. 

#6 - Remove Deodorant Streaks with a Fabric Softener Sheet 

No matter how careful you are, it's inevitable that you'll get deodorant streaks on your shirt. While you're running out the door, quickly grab a fabric dryer sheet and lightly scrub the white streaks. The deodorant streaks will not only quickly disappear, but leave your clothes smelling extra clean. 

#7 - Freshen Your Shoes with Tea Bags 

If you're an avid running or gym-goer, chances are your shoes have a musty smell. Luckily there is a quick fix! Leave a dry tea bag in each shoe overnight and wake up to fresh-smelling shoes the next day. 

#8 - Prevent Your Dark Jeans from Fading With Vinegar 

Add ½ cup of white vinegar in the final rinse cycle to keep your dark jeans from fading. Your jeans will look newer, longer!

#9 - Stop Buying Bras That Don't Fit 

If you can fit two of your fingers comfortably under the band of your bra, it's a perfect fit. It's a quick way to determine if you need a different size without trying to track down a sales associate at the store. Use this hack to make sure you always buy the right size. 

#10 - Use Your Straightener to Iron Your Shirt Collar  

This time-saving hack allows you to do two things at once. Straighten your hair to perfection while removing any wrinkles from the collar of your shirt. This simple hack also works on the drawstrings of your hoodie, and other smaller areas of clothing.


Save Time With Finders Key Purse

Our team at FindersKeyPurse.com is here to provide you with simple hacks to make your life easier. Whether you need help making your keys easy to find, or little tips to help keep your style on-point, we love making your life a little bit easier. 



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