Everything You Need to Pack in a Diaper Bag

 Everything You Need to Pack in a Diaper Bag

Have you ever had a moment where you're desperately fishing around in your diaper bag for your keys and can't find them? Meanwhile, your baby is screaming, so you just start emptying out your bag item by item.

Whether you pack only the essentials or like to be prepared and pack an extra of everything (just in case), with this quick checklist, you will never have to worry about not having the right items in your diaper bag.

Finders Key Purse Key Finder

We’re starting the list with a Finders Key Purse key finder to help you stay organized and make your keys quick and easy to find. This little hook easily attaches to your keys like a regular keychain. You can then hook your keys to the top of your bag, so you never have to fish around in your diaper bag for keys.


Of course, it's in the name! Always keep at least five readily available in your bag, especially when you'll be out for a full day of fun. You never know when you might need an extra, and you don't want to be rushing to the store for backups. It's also a great tip to keep a few in your car if you ever do run out. 


If you’re a parent, you’ve been there. You desperately reach for a baby wipe to find that you've just used the last one! Keep an extra small package in the side pocket of your diaper bag for emergencies. Whether your baby has a poopy diaper, you need to clean up spit, or wipe off sticky hands, they're an invaluable assist you'll use daily. 

Foldable Changing Pad 

You won't always be near a bathroom when you need to change a diaper. The changing pad provides a barrier to keep your child protected from dirty surfaces. Most are small and compact, making it easy to take along anywhere you go. 

Change of Clothes

You never know when your baby is going to spit up or have an accident that soils their clothes. Always have an extra onesie or outfit that you can easily change them into no matter where you might be. To clarify, this is for your baby, but you may want to pack an extra shirt for yourself too! 


If your baby is always drooling or has started eating baby food, this will be a lifesaver. Protect your baby's clothes by allowing the bib to take on the mess. Always bring along two if you'll be out for a few hours. 

Burp Cloth 

Protect Your clothes from spit up after feeding. They're easy to throw in the washer after you get home, so always have an extra packed and ready to go. 

Nursing Cover 

If you breastfeed and value your privacy, it's not always possible to find a bathroom or designated nursing area when you're out running errands. This is a great way to make sure you can feed your baby anywhere while giving you a sense of solitude no matter where you might be. 

Formula Supplies 

Make it easy with a pre-measured formula dispenser, two empty baby bottles, and enough water for at least two feedings. When your baby is ready to eat, you just have to pour the formula into the bottle with water and shake!

Small Toys 

Depending on how old your little one is, you may want to throw in a toy or two to keep them occupied while on the go. This can help keep them calm and content throughout the day. We’ll include pacifiers in this list, too, so be sure you have a couple handy. 

Light Blanket 

Perfect when you're at the park, music class, or other public places. Your baby may be anxious to get out of their car seat, and you'll want to make sure you have an added barrier of protection between them and the dirty ground. 

Personal Items 

As many new moms quickly learn, it is much easier to carry one bag. Most end up doubling their diaper bag as their purse, or vice versa! Make sure to keep your wallet, lip balm, keys and phone easily accessible. 

Don’t Lose Your Keys!

There is more that goes into packing a diaper bag than most people realize. Instead of digging through your diaper bag and purse, trying to find your keys while also taking care of your baby, get a Finders Key Purse key finder, so you always know where your keys are. 

When it is time to go, just grab the hook and pull your keys out, and you'll be ready to go in seconds. 



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