How Dirty Is Your Purse? Plus, How to Keep It Clean

How Dirty Is Your Purse? Plus, How to Keep It Clean

Chances are your purse goes with you almost everywhere. It's home to your wallet, keys, makeup, snacks and other essentials you need to survive throughout the day. In a sense, your entire life is in one bag, so it only makes sense to keep it right by your side at all times. 

With all the places your purse goes, it's no surprise that your purse can quickly collect dirt, grime, and bacteria from all the places you've gone in a day. Now, with the spread of COVID-19, it’s even more important to clean and sanitize your bag regularly.

Just How Dirty Is Your Purse? 

Whether you go to the grocery store, a restaurant, the movie theater or park, your bag is collecting dirt and bacteria every time you set it down on a surface. While most of the time, this can be harmless, you may run the risk of picking up harmful bacteria. 

In fact, researchers took a look at the bottom of women’s purses, and the results were pretty disturbing. What they found were fecal bacteria, bacteria that can cause skin infections, and a host of viruses that could make you ill. 

As it turns out, your purse is perhaps the dirtiest thing you carry around with you. Now more than ever, it’s absolutely essential to keep your purse and other items you carry outside, as clean as possible. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to easily keep your purse clean and sanitized.

Keep your Bag Off Dirty Surfaces

To avoid carrying around germs and bacteria on your purse, be aware of where you set it down. In fact, go a step further and use a Key' P It Under Cover transparent purse liner. 

These transparent liners come in a sleep black wallet that you can easily throw in your purse to protect it from grime, dirt, and bacteria. Then, add one on the bottom of your purse anytime you need to set it down in a public place. Just be sure to dispose of the liner before taking your purse back to your car or home, so you don't bring any unwanted germs home to your family! 

You can stop your purse from touching dirty surfaces by just keeping it off the floor.

Public restrooms are one of the dirtiest places you can bring your purse. The floors are almost always visibly dirty, and many bathroom stalls are missing the hook on the back of the door! 

We’ve all been in this impossible situation. The Hang 'Em High purse hangers are a great solution; just open up the hook to form a "j" shape and place the round disk onto any flat surface! There you have it. A hook to keep your purse off the ground and away from the dirt and grime! 

Bring Along Sanitizer and Wipes

Anytime you go out, get in the habit of wiping down your entire purse before heading back home. Even with the added protection of a Key' P It Under Cover liner, the rest of your purse is still prone to collecting dirt and grime. 

Wipe down the entire surface of your bag every time you've been out in public and definitely avoid sitting it on top of a kitchen counter. 

Clean Out Your Purse Regularly 

Ladies, you're always on the go juggling your kids, work, and other responsibilities, but find the time to schedule just five minutes a week to go through your entire purse. 

Throw away any trash or food items lingering in your bag, and be sure to immediately remove any fresh stains. The sooner you clean a stain, the easier it will be to remove. As an added measure, shake out your purse into the trash to remove any excess small pieces of trash or dirt you might have missed.

Use Ziplock or Reusable Bags 

Whether you bring food with you or apply your makeup and other hygiene products on the go, be sure to keep them in a ziplock or reusable bag. This will prevent the imminent explosion of pens or makeup, damaging not only your purse but everything inside. 

We’ve all been there and know this can then turn into an entire afternoon trying desperately to air out money, important documents, or other items that got caught in the crosshairs of the mess! 

Make Life Easier With Finders Key Purse

The team at knows how much your purse goes through on a daily basis. Whether you need help keeping track of your keys, or are looking for ways to protect your purse and keep it clean, we aim to make your life a little easier.



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