How to Remember Your Most Important Items: Phone, Keys, Wallet

How to Remember Your Most Important Items: Phone, Keys, Wallet

Ever had one of those hectic mornings, where you're rushing to get the kids out the door and trying to remember everything you need for the day, only to get to your car and realize you left your keys inside? 

What about losing your keys, phone, or wallet while you’re out running errands?

You're not alone! Balancing a life with kids, work, and personal responsibilities, means your mile-long-to-do list never seems to get shorter.

Many people constantly forget these three essential items! Hence, it’s the reason why so many people often repeat the phrase, “Phone, Keys, Wallet” every day, before leaving the house.  

At, we understand it can be tough to remember what you need. Here are a few simple tricks for remembering your phone, keys and wallet every time.

Key Finder 

Let's start with the best way to keep track of your keys. A Finders Key Purse® key finder keeps your keys in one place with a small hook that slips over the outside of your bag and a clasp on the inside attached to your keys. 

Not only does this little hook help you not lose your keys at home or wherever you go, but you won't lose them in your purse either. 

Designated Drop Spot 

If you are in the habit of losing everything before you ever step out the front door, try keeping a small bowl or set of hooks near your front door. Get in the habit of leaving your keys, wallet, and other items at the designated area. As you start to use it more often, you'll get in the habit of stopping there anytime you head out or come home. 

This can also be useful if you ever need to remember to grab something you are not used to taking with you. Put your lunch, gym bag, or paperwork in the designated drop-spot. Since you're in the habit of stopping to grab your keys and wallet, you'll be less likely to forget anything else sitting in the same spot. 

Use Sticky Notes 

Sometimes, remembering your essential items like a phone, wallet, or keys can be a challenge, even if you try to make a habit of putting everything in a designated spot. 

If you are someone who is constantly forgetting the important things or need a reminder to grab a non-everyday item, try using sticky notes. Simply write your items on a sticky note and place it where you know you will be sure to see it, like on your mirror or front door. This way, you can't leave the house without seeing your reminder. 

This is especially useful if you need to remember to turn off your straightener, grab your lunch, or feed the dog before you rush out the door. 

Phone Key'Purse Diary Case 

Say goodbye to digging around in your purse to find your phone or wallet. Our Phone Key'Purse Diary is designed to safely attach to your phone, making it easy to find in a snap. It has slots for your I.D., credit cards, and cash to keep all your important items in one spot and save room in your bag.

Being able to quickly grab your phone when it rings is crucial, especially when you use your phone for work. Also, for times when you just want to quickly grab your essential items, rather than carry a big bag, the Phone Key’Purse Diary case helps you do just that! 

Finders Key Purse® Is Here to Help!

With a busy schedule, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to balance everything, and that's why we're here to help you stay organized so you can focus on the things that matter. We provide stylish, easy to use products that will help you keep track of your keys, wallet, and phone, so you have one less thing you have to add to your to-do list. At, we aim to make your life a little easier and help you do it with style.



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