Top Travel Tips from a Former Flight Attendant

Now that we're all ready to get out there and experience new adventures - away from home - here are some important tips to remember from Sandy Stein, Owner and Inventor of Finders Key Purse® key finders. She was a flight attendant for 30 years before starting this business so she knows her stuff!

First, always pack important items in a separate bag inside your carry-on luggage. Since the overhead bins fill up quickly, at some point the flight attendants will tell you that the bins are full and everyone now coming on board needs to check their luggage. Or, when a flight is full, often the gate agents offer to check travelers’ carry-one for free at time of boarding, so they don’t spend time at the last minute to get bags checked.

When you check that carry-on, you can grab your prepacked bag quickly and not worry about digging around or forgetting things you need on the flight. Sandy uses the Chic Sac® to keep all her necessities together and easy to pull out of her suitcase. 

Here's a list of items Sandy says to keep with you in the Chic Sac®:  medications, car & house keys, important documents, ear buds/headphones, snacks, reading material, and make-up.

Another reason to keep some items readily available in a separate bag in your carry-on is so you can pull out the bag before you put the carry-on in the upper luggage compartment. This way you won't need to keep getting up and down to find the things you need during the flight.

The second tip is to carry a refillable water bottle. Don't waste $4-$6 on water once you're at the gate area! You can carry a refillable bottle, maybe even one with a filter. Most airports have bottle filling stations but if they don't you can use a water fountain or ask the flight attendant to fill the bottle once you're in flight.

A third tip is to use a luggage tag that stands out. This way it is easy to find your suitcases at the checked bag pick-up area. When luggage starts flowing onto the turntable, it will be easy to spot yours even if there many other suitcases of the same color. Sandy uses these Luggage Tags because of the cute designs, durability, and of course bright colors!

When you're ready to get on a plane to your upcoming adventure, business trip, or family visit - keep these tips in mind for a smoother and more stress-free flight.



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